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Portable Vocal Booth

A portable vocal booth is a sort of isolation booth that can be used on-the-go to record vocals.

The reason why vocal booths are used to record vocals is because, as a general rule, you do not want anything to bleed into the vocal microphone during recording. This will cause the recording to be unclear, and will cause you to end up with a lower quality track.

A portable vocal booth (also known as a portable sound booth, or a portable recording booth) serves two purposes at once. For one, it stops background noise from ending up on the track, and two, it can go anywhere you go… making for good vocal recordings anywhere.

If you are into recording vocals, and would like to start shopping for a portable sound booth, then here are a few things to think about.
First off, do you need it to be big enough to enclose a grown person, or do you just need it to enclose the other side of the microphone so that you can cut out most of the background noise?

 portable vocal booth

 portable vocal booth

 portable sound booth

If it is going to enclose a grown person, then it will probably be an issue to haul, as these things do not simply break down and fit into your trunk! You will need a truck, or perhaps even a trailer, to haul a full sized portable recording booth in circumstances such as this.

However, if you are just looking for a partial one, perhaps made out of foam, that will cover the other end of the mic, then you can actually probably fit it easily into a box or a duffel bag for storage and transportation.

There are a large variety of different portable vocal booths out there, and all of them have different needs and necessities before you can fully utilize them.


If price is no object, then you should simply buy the best one available. However, if you are working with a limited budget, then you might have to look for a vocal booth that is more affordable.

There are many out there that can save you some money, and the internet is the perfect place to start shopping for them. We have highlighted a few great options on this page. 

 portable recording booth

 vocal booth

 portable sound booth

The reason as to why shopping online is better for portable sound booths is because online you an compare prices to save money quickly and easily. You will not have to drive to other stores to get the prices that are competing, and that in itself is worth a lot.

Just remember that the main purpose of a portable recording booth is to keep extra noise outside of it. That means that, if you are going to be recording in a train station, you are going to need a very thick vocal booth! Don’t expect a cardboard box to filter out a train horn.



However, on the same note, you do not need an armor-plated vacuum booth for the recording studio in your basement if there isn’t much noise down there to begin with. It really depends on what you need. If you shop for what you need, then you will avoid buying what you don’t need just to make your budget work. 

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